Why you need wireless presentation solution

Did you ever try wireless presentation system? Need to download the software from somewhere and install it in the laptop in advanced? Then followed by a series of network configuration and system setting? 
Sometimes need to do twice or more, which makes people feel upset, and time is wasted. Some people may like it as it makes everything looks full of technology but this is not what we want to design. We know that you definitely don’t need a finicky product that will take half of your meeting time just to get it working right. You need a streamlined product that simply works.

Yeah, wireless presentation system should be easy to use. It should be designed for all users, it should be as simple as plugging in an USB cable, no IT assistance is needed. In such a situation, users are able to be more concerned with their demo content rather than how to achieve the demonstration.

ere you still expecting a sort of “compare wireless presentation system parameters” showing off the fact that we have way more powful system than our competitors?

Well, it's a common way to highlight the advantages of product, wireless presentation product is more like user experience product, it should be not enough and/or not  accurate to judge by parameters. A better way of evaluation should be test it and experience it personally, try other solutions and compare them together. It's also the right way to show to customers.

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