Wireless presentation system for 4K displays

Currently More and more meeting rooms equip 4K displays or projectors, which add a lot of clarity to the image, but what about the sources and switching equipment? Should you purchase 4K capable equipment in anticipation for when the displays are 4K? Currently most all new PC and Laptop video cards support 4K. So why not have the rest of your infrastructure be ready for 4K? This seems quite reasonable.

Let’s look at what it means to go 4K. The biggest improvement will be the image clarity of the display at any resolution. This is due to the up-scaling techniques used in the display. What about 4K sources, and will this improve the image clarity from a PC or Laptop. Not necessarily, it depends on the screen size, how far away from the screen people are and how knowledgeable the person is in operating their laptop's video settings.

When a 4K capable laptop outputs a 4K resolution, it will dramatically reduce the size of the icons and text on the Laptop. The user will then need to go into the display settings on the laptop and scale the image. This issue will probably cause a lot of complaints from users and require a lot of hand holding with users. To solve this issue we would set the output resolution to 1080P or even lower depending on the screen size. So did you just spend a lot of extra money to provide 4K infrastructure just to set it up as 1080P?

The best improvement of having 4K displays is the use of 4K wireless presentation solution to place multiple images on a single screen. With 4K displays you will basically be able to create a virtual video wall without the expense. 'EZShare-WQ-Plus' allows the screen to be split and shared by 4 users, further more, it is wireless and zero configuration.

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